A Lingerie Wardrobe: The Bombshell Manual of Style

“The Bombshell’s sleepwear collection includes full-length negligee, sheer baby doll pajamas in pink, black, and champagne, a satin charmeuse gown with matching peignoir,a well-fitted white slip, a well-fitted black slip, Chinese pajamas in jade with a gold pattern,a kimono in sky blue silk, various diaphanous bed jackets, several knee length sheer nightgowns (black or champagne only), and two nightshirts, one in red silk and one in fine cotton embroidered with her initials.”  (page 48, The Bombshell Manual of Style by Lauren Stover @2001 Hyperion New York)


A Little About the Book 

It doesn’t matter if they are reputable or complete balderdash, style how-to books have some kind of irrestible magnetism for me.     Author Stover attempts to describe the Bombshell and her allure by detailing vari0us aspects such as perfume, body language,  lingerie, each with its own chapter. 

Stover does a good job keeping it tongue in cheek and the illustrations are entertaining but as I read I had to concede that much of it seemed completey hooeey.  The depiction of the bombshell appeared largely made-up and sometimes contradictory.  For example the author provided me countless examples of superficiality and then seriously wanted me to believe the pronouncement that the true bombshell is never catty.   I don’t buy that bombshells are capable of any greater restraint than the rest of us, especially after reading an entire book that tells me how much a femme fatale has invested in the superficialities and how often she is moved to excesses of display.  You must take it with a grain of salt as it gets a little silly sometimes but as I said it is light reading. 

What Struck Me As a Home Sewer

All that silliness aside I did come away with some food for thought.  I don’t invest a lot of my sewing attention into this part of my wardrobe and I have never thought to plan ahead so I have the necessary items, such as dress slips. Nor have I considered thoughtfully purchasing stuff that goes together in some kind of coherent way. 

Since I am sometimes called to answer the door or to attend to my child in the middle of the night, see-through frillies are not on my A-list right now.  But I have made a few nightgowns, alas,  in cotton sprig and cozy flannel, not bombshell  materials at all. 

My stuff is more like this:

Instead of this:

And then I only sew another gown to replace one that has been worn to threads.  (Appalling to the would-be temptress, I know, but yes, I do wear them that long!)

After such confidences you may now find it understandable that I was struck by the quoted passage.  It left me wondering:

 Do other home sewers make their own lingerie?

Are you making fluffy flannels or the glitzy glamour stuff? 

And, are the sewing skills for this any harder than for daywear?

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