Fabric Buying – Pattern Perusing – Sewing Withdrawal

Sewing has been out of the picture for the time being as I am so busy lately with the new baby and Christmas coming .  I miss it but I thought was doing pretty well with it.  It will all come back in good time, right?

Well, yesterday my husband dropped into a bookstore for a gift for his mom and I gathered wrapping supplies at the local dollar store.  At peace with getting the seasonal chores so close to finished and enjoying the unusually sunny warm day for December I walked back to the car passing a bunch of shops I was glad not to have to go into as I was so close to finishing up the buying and gift wrapping.  

Such complacency never lasts long for me, and even feeling it should be a cue that something will rattle me in the next few seconds – and true to form the emotional landscape was about to change.

Do you know what capped the end of this little strip mall

 A super JoAnn’s

My peace was shattered.  Aahh!  I’d almost forgotten that JoAnn had recently opened a new store along this strip.  Now I felt an overwhelming desire to go in and buy something I do not need, had not planned to sew, and probably can’t even finish right now.

I fought the urge for a little while, but then thought “Pooh, I am a sewer after all, a creative person.  I am prone to such vagaries.  Just accept it.”

I told my husband I was going to go in to just smell the fabric.  He told me “You’ve got it pretty bad, babe.  Does fabric even have fumes?” 

Yeah, it kinda does.

I sent him to bring the car around while I took a whirlwind tour.  One quick look at the clearance rack which wasn’t very clearance-y in price, but then the big sales are past.  Traipsed past the patterns hoping for a 99 cent sale.  No sale but I was glad to see fresh pattern catalogs.  My daughter split for the kids crafts and came back with a paint kit I am supposed to remember for her birthday this January.   Saw all the bolts of quilting fabric lining the walls, and the bins of yarn, and gave a huge sigh of relief.  Nothing has changed since I’ve been gone.

Now I keep wondering which of my undone projects I can realistically finish as I care for the new baby.  I am sad that I have such a large stash of UFO”s but then consider it a blessing that I have so much to choose from in the undone department at this busy time when only projects that are quick and easy can be considered.

I’ve taken a duster to the machine, picked the cat off of the press board, and look forward to keeping you posted on what projects I find! 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Calico Stretch
    Dec 20, 2011 @ 03:48:31

    I’m really glad you checked out the new JoAnns and I completely agree that fabric does have a smell. Its like stationery and book stores but better, particularly if you are suffering from sewing withdrawal! No pressure to finish anything either.


  2. Sister
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 12:51:33

    Funny! Welcome back – I’m late to the party myself, but no good excuse like a new baby! Hope things are going well – good luck with sneaking little projects in during naps.


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