Wedding Day

The wedding was this Saturday and the bride was beautiful

 Here are the promised pics of the completed dress.

The dress back.  I spent tons of time on this and if I had just one more fitting would probably have cinched it in even more.

The dress back. Wish I had a better picture because I did so much work on the back. For some reason the camera doesn't pick up white on white fabric very well.

Applying tulle to the hemline was the idea of Joanne, one of the clerks at Banasch’s Fabric Store.  At first I had a hard time believing that 8 inches below the lace was correct but it turned out perfectly.  My cousin is 4 inches taller than the original dress owner, and of course, she was wearing the obligatory high heels adding another 4 inches.  Eight extra inches of hem and the dress just grazed the floor and my cousin is so tall that the deep hemline looked so graceful as she moved. 

The dress front. We are in the dressing room still getting ready.

Just one thing I would do differently.  The tulle sometimes caught on her heel.  Adding the tulle was a great way to add hem length, but in the future if I use this idea I will also add a simple piece of lining to the back so the tulle does not catch on shoes.

It was a happy day and one of the most relaxed enjoyable weddings I have attended. 

Blessings to the Happy Couple!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sister
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 19:44:19

    Gorgeous job! Congratulations!


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