Bridal Dress Alterations:Finished, At Last!

What’s Done is Done.  Thank Goodness!

Ornamentation on the left side of the back needs to be sewn on.

Tidy up loose beads on front bodice.

Hooks for the left side of the train must be affixed.

Attempt to clean the lace at the hem of the dress that was sullied on the first wearing.

Attach tulle to the lining that will hang below the current lace to increase the length of the skirt, making it more in proportion to my cousin’s height.



   I wasn’t able to get very clear pictures of the dress today for some reason.  Would have put it on the mannequin except that my dress form is currently padded to be pregnant and the wedding dress would not go past the bustline.

The wedding is this evening.  Promise some better pics of the dress worn by the bride.

Enjoy your weekend! 🙂


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