Bridal Dress:Sleeves off, Armholes Bound, Side Back Darted and Zipper Inserted

My cousin’s bridal dress is coming along. 

The sleeves are off and the armholes bound.

The armholes are bound in simple white cotton binding. I liked it better than trying to match the fabric perfectly. And I hope the cotton binding strengthens the armhole as the dress was not meant to be sleeveless.

Darts are taken in at the side back.

Not by the book but I am leaving the darts on the outside. During the initial fitting the side back panels showed some gaping. More than I can put up with and I decided to go ahead and dart in an inconspicous place. When I apply the insert I will lightly sew down the dart. I didn't want the lace to go to the inside of the dress as it might not age with the dress. This dress has lasted so well that I think it will last for the next generation. If someone later must release the dart I don't want the lace to look radically different from the body of the dress.

The zipper is inserted and the triangular insert is basted onto the dress.

Absolutely non-canonical but it saved me a lot of grief. I attached my lining to my fashion fabric, turned the seams, and then inserted the zipper with both pieces not yet sewn together. The material underneath the zipper I laid down and topstitched neatly. They aren’t in the picture but I also put in a double-headed shallow dart to each side of the zipper to lay smoothly across the small of the back. The good thing about this style of wedding dress is that so much lace and frou are applied that the seaming is no longer a focal point. At least that is what I am telling myself.

Tomorrow we have a second fitting for me to check the back panel.  I will have more pictures how I handled that.    Keep your fingers crossed that the back panel insert is a go!


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  1. fabriccreations
    Jul 28, 2011 @ 07:31:40

    Looks wonderful! You must have the patience of a saint! My Mom also does a lot of bridal dresses and alterations…….you women have definitely been given a special talent!


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