Bits and Bobs: Celebrating Ten Years Married- I highly recommend cheesecake.

Friday was my tenth anniversary.  My daughter had her first overnighter at Memaw’s while my husband and I celebrated.  As the ten-year is the tin/aluminum anniversary our original plan was to revisit a restaurant from our honeymoon, The Tin Goose on Pelee Island, Canada.   (Now it is called the Wandering Pheasant I believe, but other than cake pans, what else would be so appropriate for the tin anniversary?)  The best laid plans as they say – my husband was still game, but my unexpected pregnancy and its subsequent discomforts made me veto such a long drive.

We went to The Cheesecake Factory instead.   Their menu is so large that I knew I could find something that would please my touchy stomach.  And, of course, the cheesecake is divine!

I asked the waitress to recommend a chocolate-y one.  She pointed out the Godiva cheesecake.  I told her that I had seen a picture of that one, and laying a hand upon my belly, I said, “It’s too small.  I want a big one.  Where on this menu is there a REALLY big piece of cheesecake?” 

Yes, ladies.  I should have more pride.  Sadly, I don’t.

Most women try to be demure about appetite when eating out, but I am six months along and hungry!  All the time.  You might think with my stomach so easily getting the queasies that my appetite would be that of a bird.  Not so.  I am more like those giant ravenous predators you see on nature documentaries.  Or like the hobbits in the Tolkien novels, who begin the day with first breakfast, then go on to second breakfast, next a mid-morning snack before first lunch, then second lunch . . .

This baby is already bigger than average and I am past worrying about being seen as a glutton as I try to keep both he and I sustained.  My mind is never very far from where my next meal is and what it is to be.

Thrilled to be seated someplace where the cooking was not on me, I mowed through the bread plate, a full appetizer and a large meal-size salad.  And several glasses of iced tea were imbibed, a beverage I crave endlessly for some reason. 

Having already had dished up for me what must have been pounds of food and liquid, the server’s eyes widened at my question, but to her credit she womanfully looked at the menu and recommended the 30th Anniversary Cheesecake as chocolate-y and “generous” in its portions. 

She was right.  Quite nice it was.  I do recommend it.  Finally, I felt just full enough as I scraped the last smear of whipped cream from my plate.

My husband made a jesting reference to my being an inverse Oliver Twist.  Only able to get halfway through his dessert, we boxed the rest.  It made a nice snack, for me, early the next morning. 

Nesting and Just a Bit of Sewing

The thrift store was low on crafts this week but they did have half-off on shoes.  Now that I know it is a boy I am beginning to gather a small wardrobe.

Blogger Renee Cidell of Miss Celie’s Pants has written several posts on making American Girl dollclothes.  Whenever a photo comes on the screen my daughter reminds me that I am remiss in not making her AG doll a new outfit.  Found this book at the library and I am hoping that it has some super easy and quick patterns.

I found this at the library by Joan Hinds it has several American Girl doll outfits.

Still working on my stash bash and I have a few more quilt blocks completed.  Additionally, I dug around in my knitting bag and found a ball of dishcloth cotton that I could quickly use up.   The quilt block with stars and points, I hated.  It has 25 small blocks within it and I didn’t do very well.  Live and learn.  The circular pattern is called wagon wheel and I enjoyed that one though my wheel centers leave something to be desired in roundness.  Even though their fate is rather a murky one, I enjoy knitting dishcloths because I get a little rush of accomplishment with such a small time investment. 

The blocks with the star points are called Carpenter’s Wheel and I wish I had done a better job with them, though it was my first try at that pattern. The round ones are called Wagon Wheel, a pattern I really like for its scrappiness. The small knitted pieces are dishcloths.

P.S.  I am going to be in an internet-free cabin over the next few days.  Comment moderation should work on its own, but if your comment does not immediately appear, I will be online again at the end of the week to approve comments and check the site.  Thank you for your patience. 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tanit-Isis
    Jun 28, 2011 @ 10:11:52

    Happy anniversary and congratulations!

    That combination of hunger and nausea is such an odd one, isn’t it? And for me, when pregnant, being hungry WAS nauseating. So weird. I’ve always been a grazer, eating something small every few hours, but being pregnant definitely stepped this up a notch or five.

    Enjoy your cabin-cation! 🙂


  2. Sister
    Jun 28, 2011 @ 17:23:53

    I’m with you too, sister – the only time I threw up during pregnancy was when I was 5 minutes late eating a meal. I’m also with you on the appetite – I’ve had waiters raise their eyebrows before when I get the big hearty meal and Dean gets the chicken salad. They assume the lady gets the tiny meal for some reason!


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