McCall’s 6119 Halter Top:Second Practice Muslin of Bodice:It’s Getting Better

What I should have done the first time around.

Tissue fit of McCall's 6119: I went up a cup size and was thankful to see the better coverage as compared to the first muslin.

Actually fit the tissue to the dress form.  Normally I don’t have anything especially customized about my dress form other than height, and that sometimes slips as the screws in this thing are very old.  At one time I had a duct tape dummy but I threw her out when my figure no longer matched.  That must have been why I forgot to try the tissue first. 

This maternity dummy is wearing one of my old bras so it comes the closest to my actual form than any I have had in awhile.  I ended up nipping in a bit at the neckline top, and some at the closure area. 

It’s better.

McCall's 6119 Second practice muslin of bodice: The fit is much better though I will have to lower the bust point just a tad on the final cut.

This is my second practice bodice and I am fairly pleased.  Went up a cup size, made a few alterations and the fit is much better.   During try-on I was a little self-conscious about showing this much of my chest but I keep remembering what the weather is like in August.  It will do for around the house.  I can always slip on a little jacket if I go out.

The next step of course is sewing it up in the fashion fabric.  I am rooting through my stash for the right material and hope to get it cut out today.


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  1. Tanit-Isis
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 10:34:52

    This does look much better! Glad you’ve got some better results this time. 🙂


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