Maternity Sewing:McCall’s 6074 One Hour Knit Dress:Pattern Review

McCall's 6074 One Hour Knit Dress

Prior to my pregnancy I had seen this pattern and skipped it because I thought it would enhance my prominent belly.  It may, but now there is no way to keep attention off of my belly, so I gave this pattern a second look and thought it would be quick and easy. 


It is quick and easy.

It can be shortened into a top, or worn long for a dress. 

I did not measure the time involved.  It may not be as short as an hour, but it certainly does not take long to construct.

The design is basic and lends itself well to trendy fabric, fancy embellishments or cute little summer jackets.

Though the design may not hide your belly, it does enhance the waist quite nicely, especially if you are short-waisted.


The neckline can be too low for some.  You may want to raise it if you do not plan to wear a cami underneath.

There is a great deal of hemline.  The knit you choose must be stable enough not to become wavy as you sew.

Some Assembly Required:

I added quite a bit at center and to the bottom front hemline.

The wearable muslin I cut per the pattern tissue, but for the turquoise knit I added quite a bit to the front.  I also dipped the front hemline so that it was asymmetrical allowing the hem to straighten as my belly increases.   I am seeing front dropped hems in fashion mags so per current trends it looks deliberate.


The wearable muslin was made in a tropical poly knit found at the thrift store.  I use the completed dress as a coverup for the pool.   The turquoise dress is of cotton knit bought at Banasch’s during one of their sales.  The knit is opaque with a nice weight that drapes and swings well.


McCalls 6074 Wearable Muslin

When I added the extra material in front to accommodate my belly, I added weight to the front of the dress.  That pulls down the neckline farther than I would like.  On future dresses I am going to raise the neckline.

Will I Sew it Again:

Probably.  I am on to other projects right now, but I do like this design enough to consider it a summer classic.  I will most likely put the pattern aside and then pull it out next spring for some easy summer dresses.

Advice to Others:

The ladies in pattern envelope drawings always seem to have very long collarbone to neckline heights.  If you have a short to average upper rib cage length, or are just modest, raise the neckline.

Choose a stable enough knit for the hemline to look nice and straight.  Some of the trendy knits tend to wave and curl as you sew them.  Find a way to deal with this if your heart is set on an unstable knit.

Overall Style GradeA, for being an easy summer classic that will allow the home sewer

McCall's 6074 in the final fashion fabric.

to adapt the look with trendy fabric or embellishments.

Results Grade: A,  when you want to churn out something quick and easy this satisfies the bill.  The only thing a new sewer may encounter to trouble her is the elastic, but that is easily marked with chalk.


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