Senseless Sewing While Watching the Casey Anthony Trial

This is what my sewing table has come to look like over the last few months.

A disheartening mess.  So I started on the easiest things first; the cleaning cloths.

For some reason I often have a cat sitting behind my machine as I sew. Cashmere will watch for a time, then when I am lulled into a sense of security, reach up and sink her not inconsiderable claws into the moving fabric.

I grew up with a rag bag.   Old tees make fine cleaning rags and they are headed for the landfill anyway.  But the uneven edges are sometimes floppy or just a nuisance.  Years ago I read a Don Aslett book where he advised using terry cleaning cloths that were cut into proper rectangles, then sewn and overcast.   So now when towels or old tees/turtlenecks are hopelessly stained I cut them into cleaning cloths.  Since I have started making practice muslins of cheap knits I have added those scraps to the pile also.   I “eyeball cut” a square or rectangle out of the shirt body, sew down the horizontal and vertical axes, then serge the edges.  They are easier to use with even edges and I get full use from the material before consigning into the trash heap.

So far 37 cleaning cloths are complete.

Easy sewing.  Gets me back in the swing of things.  And accuracy is inconsequential.  Good thing.  Since I am addicted to the court TV coverage of the Casey Anthony murder trial. 

Murder victim Caylee Anthony the trial for whom is currently ongoing.

I didn’t know much about the case at first, just having a general idea from the pretrial newscast.  But one broadcast showed this photo of the little girl Caylee as a baby.  She has a nuk in her mouth and is wearing a dress similar to the one my own daughter, not much older than Caylee, wore for her first Easter.  The image struck me, and I thought, “By the time a child is two and a half, do you know how many times a mother has replaced that nuk?!  How could a mother do that to her child especially since a mother invests so much of herself into her children?”

Now I am hooked and always trying to find ways to work in the living room so I can multi-task my chore with Court TV.   For some reason I am fascinated with this case and hearing all of the evidence firsthand.

I keep my machines in the living room and one consequence of my recent fixation is that the sewing table is looking better already. I hope by the time prosecution closes on June 17th that I will have cleared these old projects and have new ones to show you.  Only four more months left to my pregnancy, but my figure is growing past the larger RTW sizes I purchased at first, and I need specialized clothes more and more now.  That means a few more blouses and bottoms which I am sure to wear frequently.  At least that is what I am telling myself as I contemplate cutting more deeply into my stash for garments that have such a short shelf life.


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