Four out of Five Done

Leggings in denim print knit. My favorite pair.

Four out of five knit pull-ons/leggings are done.  The last pair is cut and sitting by the machine. 

I have done a 2 pair of leggings so far, one in a fake denim print, and the other in basic grey.  I also have 2 pair of pull-ons, one in black and the other in grey.  Except will have to wait for the last trimester for the grey ones to fit.  Oh well, I will probably appreciate a fresh pair of pants by that time.

One more to go; a pair of medium blue leggings.  I am proud that despite temptation I have kept my focus.  I bought a bunch of material for pants and I committed to sewing it up as quickly as possibly.  Unusual for me is that this time I actually did it. 

I am getting bored with bottoms though and look forward to starting on some knit tops.   Will show more pictures and give a mini-review of the pattern I used next post.

Next Post: Tuesday, April 26, 2011: Pattern Review of Pull-On Pants Pattern Altered for Maternity


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  1. Joyce Wyld
    Jun 14, 2011 @ 09:36:30

    Haha-these look like maternity pyjama pants that I made 1 month ago! I used a Vogue maternity pattern V2648-really easy to sew up.. I didn’t blog about it, but I did blog about how I drafted a maternity skirt.

    My due date is in less than two days. I’ve been wearing nothing but my 5 maternity skirts for the past 40 days straight! Doesn’t sound very long, but it is when you’re pregnant! Now I’m just waiting for contractions-feels like watching a kettle boil!


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