I Took It Out of the Grocery Money

We won’t starve.  I checked the pantry and the pantry is full.  At the time I could not have known but my overestimations of the last grocery visit were to pay off.  

(If I am crafty and frugal with the current grocery list no one will be any the wiser.  Shhh!)

Since learning of my pregnancy and doing a mini-stash bash I have held off buying sewing supplies.  Not a lot of extra cash on hand and I felt like if I wasn’t sewing, I don’t need to buy stuff and hoard it.

But after listening to advice that a dress is best for my on-the-high-side baby bump, I went to check out the patterns at JoAnn’s and see what dresses with slight alterations might work with my growing tum. 

I had forgotten. 

We are approaching Easter. 

 Easter means sales

When I got to JoAnn’s I saw that they were having their Daffodid Dash sale, (which ends today, April 16th) and next they are commencing on a big sale during the week leading up to Easter. 

While I was perusing the McCall’s catalog, (because those were going at 99 cents,) the wheels began to turn.

There is a Hancock’s not so far from the JoAnn’s. 

If JoAnn’s is running a big sale,

that means Hancocks must run one

too in order to compete.

I don’t know if it was the good little angel or a little devil whispering in my ear, but this is what I heard.

Check out what JoAnn’s has.  Check out what Hancock’s is doing.  And go get yourself some bargains!”

So that is what I did!

Bought during the reconnaissance mission. The material is dirt cheap knit for practice muslins from Wal-mart and the patterns are from JoAnns.

The big haul. Knits and patterns from both Hancocks and JoAnns. The Vogue Patterns Magazine was an impulse buy. (The shopping trip, in contrast, was a model of cold calculation. 😉


The need for pregnancy pants has reached a critical point and store-bought isn’t cutting it.  I worked on a few practice muslins this weekend of simple knit pants and leggings.  I loved the results!  They don’t bind my belly.  They stay up.  I did the math and my custom pants are cheaper than Target.  And if sewn in a fairly decent knit I should be able to wear them until the ginormous stage of the last trimester, and then resurrect them after the baby is born for that period when I will still have a full stomach.

The knits are in the washer now and I can’t wait to get sewing on my new pants! 

Next Post: Tuesday, April 19, 2011: How my latest try at sewing pregnancy pants worked out.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. gwen
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 06:49:02

    Mommies. Need. Stuff. Good for you!


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