Good Advice

I am deeply grateful for all the of the well wishes and good advice I have gotten concerning the pregnancy and sewing maternity clothes.  It has meant a lot to me to hear from all of you especially during those times I was feeling so poorly.

At first I was gung-ho to start sewing maternity but after hearing from all of you I am glad that I have waited.  Here is a compilation of the very sensible advice I have received.

I didn’t sew maternity clothes (heck, my first pregnancy I didn’t even have maternity clothes, just overalls and sundresses), but my hunch would be to focus on smaller mini-capsules. You’re not going to be pregnant for *that* long, I don’t think there’s much point in creating a full-range maternity wardrobe (unless they’re pieces you can alter or make work afterwards).  From: Tanit-Isis of

I  don’t know what to suggest but I am sure whatever you decide will be stylish. Here’s a link of someone who has some attractive maternity things. I believe she even had tutorial about altering your jeans into maternity ones. I’ve kept that idea for future reference. I love the wrap around top. I think you will as well.      From:Angie at

I agree with Tanit-Isis. If I were to sew a maternity wardrobe it would be very small. You won’t need the clothes for very long and who knows what the style will be or if you will be a different size the next time you are pregnant. Make a few core pieces, buy some things to fill in and enjoy being pregnant.  From: Connie

Advice? I’d stick to the colour scheme you’ve already chosen and maybe change the style to accommodate your changing shape. I’m not sure how plus size you are but I found McCalls 6165 (a capsule) a couple of weeks ago.  From: Ludy

It’s been a long long time ago that I maded maternity clothing for myself. I do remember that the very tops I sewed up were adorable on me in in my 3rd through 6th months…simple style, easy to sew, great prints, complimentary colors. But what happened?! In that last trimester, my baby belly grew and grew and those sweet tops barely covered the bump. I’ve never been one to strategize but I should have anticipated what to expect…hem a little longer to cover potential major belly growth at the end.  From: Christine of

And for my high hanging baby bump:

Dresses, overalls, and suspenders. I never yet met a pair if maternity pants that stayed up. And I had a standard, low-hanging bump.  From:

Dresses, definitely. Dresses. I had a high bump, I carried rather close in my body so at 9 months I didn’t look like a massively pregnant lady, I looked like a chubby version of myself. It has to do with muscle tone and the way you’re put together inside.  From: Steph of

I had the same belly (carried my babies inside) and maintained my ‘girlish hips and thighs’ till the end. Dresses and overalls. The overall thing really surprised me. I could never pull them off before pregnancy but a good ole pair of Gap maternity overalls was the look that the people wanted and loved and they were ultra comfortable.  From: PepperToast

And whose advice am I taking. 

I am taking it all!! 

Everyone’s recommendations dovetailed nicely and helped to spur my memory.  Oh yes, I do remember those cute 2nd trimester clothes getting a little tight towards the end.  Mini-capsules make a lot of sense and I should stick with my prepregnancy spring/summer color scheme because I already have that fabric.  Maybe separate mini-capsules for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters would keep me sewing as I keep growing.  😉  And dresses and overalls weren’t garments I was really thinking about since my daughter was a winter baby and I worked in a corporate job.  But as a SAHM dresses and overalls make the most sense, especially since my pants keep falling down!

I Thank All of You!

Just reading through everyone’s comments has spurred my creativity and given a focus for my thoughts.

Now I can’t wait to go through my patterns and see what I come up with! 🙂

Next Post: Tuesday, April 19, 2011: I hope to have something sewn by then! 


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  1. Steph
    Apr 14, 2011 @ 18:37:34

    Awesome, I’m glad you got your creativity back. Now show us some projects!


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