A Day Late

But hopefully not a dollar short!

I am in my twelfth week of pregnancy and going into my seventh week straight of nausea.  I’m starting to get testy and run down.  Yesterday’s post did not make it to print because I spent the day asleep.  Whenever I sit down, I nod right off.  If whatever hormonal liqueur that is causing this could be distilled down for insomniacs I would make a fortune!

In lieu of sewing I am decluttering my craft stuff.   Fabric, patterns, books, and tools I have done so far.  Got rid of a lot of patterns and fabric, but hardly any tools or books.   Those are important resources and I just tidied them. 

Now for my next to last craft declutter:beads. 

I used to bead quite a lot but now I don’t for various reasons.  As I looked through my stash I realized that most of it reflected my tastes from an earlier stage of life, and I get discouraged when I sift through trying to find things I like.  I got real with myself and got rid of half of my stash.  It hurt a little because I kept thinking, “Hey, I paid money for that!”  Really cool beads are not cheap. 

After I had sifted the donate from the keep I felt so much better that I even picked up a beading magazine which I haven’t done for years.  Just knowing what I have and where it is left me some clarity and a renewed interest in making jewelry.

Now I have only one more craft-related declutter.  Going through unfinished projects and deciding which I want to keep and which to move on.  That is the hardest for me because I see where I have invested time. 

Next Post: Thursday, April7, 2011: Gathering up those UFO’s.


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  1. gwen
    Apr 07, 2011 @ 08:18:07

    Oh, you poor girl! It’s been many years since I was pregnant, but I still remember being sick at my stomach, the entire time. I hope it passes for you soon. I LOVE beads. I don’t make jewelry, but I like to do bead embroidery. Some crafts I’ve tried and then then passed by the wayside. I settled into the things I really love–sewing, knitting, crochet. Good luck to you.


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