Simplicity 2447: Yoked Princess Seam Tunic

Simplicity 2447

I was betwist and between on this pattern as I don’t much like the tunic shown on the model but I did like the line drawings of the other styles.  Given that there was a sale going on, I decided to give it a chance. 


Other than the princess seam it is a basic blouse.

The different options show a basic blouse done several ways which means you can sew this pattern for either your summer or winter wardrobes.


New sewers may find the princess seam tricky enough without adding detailing like pockets or ruffles.

There is a collar with stand making the neckline more complex than a simple collar. For some reason stands show off sewing irregularities so much more than inserting a collar directly into a facing.

Some Assembly Required:

I did my usual: assemble the back, assemble the front, attach front to back at shoulder seams, attach collar, apply buttonholes, insert sleeves, hem.

Simplicity 2447 Side View


The fabric didn’t work out.  I had hoped that the yoked princess portion would break up the print but it still looks rather overwhelming.  I don’t know if I am going to wear the shirt or not.  We’ll see.  Maybe when the weather is hot and sunny the print won’t feel so far out there.

Simplicity 2447 Front View: I thought that the yoked princess seams would cut up the intensity of the print, but I was wrong. I am not sure I like the fabric.


My stand is a wee bit off on the button side of the placket.  All was good until the last centimeter.  When I saw the result I thought of ripping out, but even at that early stage I was beginning to have misgivings about the print.   I am not sure I will wear the shirt enough to fuss over an 1/8 inch awkwardness at a not very noticeable site.

Here is my stand that juts out from the edge too much. Should I have gone in and tidied it up. Yep. But I was already out of love with the fabric so I didn't bother.

Will I Sew it Again:

Yes.  I want to sew the tunic with the ruffle.  This time I am using a medium blue jacquard so the style lines will not get lost in the print.

Advice to Others:

If you use a print, be careful of what kind. 

Overall Style Grade:  B, not particularly fashionable, but then not unfashionable either, and a rather useful basic blouse pattern.

Results Grade: B, given the stand, princess seams and pocket detailing, there are greater opportunities for sewing errors, especially if you are new to those techniques.  An intermediate or experienced sewer will probably get an A result.  A new sewer may face some challenges.

Next Post: Thursday, February 24, 2011: I am going to make another version of this pattern, or I am going to start something new.  I haven’t decided yet.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sister
    Feb 23, 2011 @ 00:32:30

    I’m glad to know the order you do a shirt. I’ll be trying one with a stand in the next few months – have never done one before.


  2. bmweed
    Feb 28, 2014 @ 10:23:33

    This shirt is on my ‘To Do’ list as a work shirt – I’m really glad to see what you thought of it!


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