A Dog Bed Made From Leggings, a Pillowcase, and a Zipper

Ya’ll remember these?

This is a photo of my practice muslin sewn when I reviewed McCall’s 6173 Leggings pattern.

The fabric was from an old knit sheet set I scavenged at my local thrift shop.  It came with a pillowcase.  About the time I was sewing leggings I was seeing other sewing bloggers making dog beds.  I admired theirs very much, but knew that the expense wasn’t worth it.  My dogs chew.

They also stink.  I love’em.  But they stink.

I have to be able to wash the bed frequently.

My dogs’ previous bed was oval with a rounded stuffed cylinder all the way around.  They liked it very much.  And it was washable.  I wanted to recreate that idea in a dog bed using scraps.

This is what I came up with.

The pillowcase, a separating zipper, and a pair of leggings.

1) I sewed the zipper into the pillowcase opening.  I didn’t want the zipper sticking out.  I laid one edge of the pillowcase on top of the zipper and sewed down.  They I reversed by laying the zipper on top of the other edge and sewing down.  That way the hemmed edge of the pillow is completely hiding the zipper.  If the dogs don’t notice it, maybe they won’t chew it.

2) Next I took the legs of the leggings and sewed them around the edge of the pillowcase from the topside.  Didn’t worry too much about precision.  If this thing lasts a year in this house it will be lucky.

3) Then I made another stitch line making a rectangular area out of the torso area of the leggings.  That could be stuffed into a tiny pillow.

4) Back to the thrift store.  I bought some cheap throw pillows and used the stuffing to fill the legs.  My daughter liked handing me the white fluffy stuff. 

5) I cut into the ankle of each leg to tie off the ends.  I also stuffed the pillow portion at the waist portion of the leggings.  Sewed the opening closed on the machine.  Again neither precision nor finishing seam edges was all that important.

6) Next was to stuff the main body.  The question was; buy a new pillow or use one of my own?  I could buy a new pillow for the dog.  Or use one my husband’s old pillows and buy HIM the new pillow as a replacement.  As my husband gets up at 5:45 each morning to keep us in food and shelter, and the dog’s main contribution is to bark and sneak out of the yard – the husband won!

7) I stuffed my husband’s old head pillow into the dog bed and


It is a funny shape laid flat.

But it fits into the corner by our bed very well.

Zoe, our jack russell/german shepherd mix, giving the new bed a trial run. She had a good time pulling the stuffing out of the legs before I tied off the ends. The loosely stuffed pillow-edges squish into the corner making it a draft-free and soft on her getting-old doggy bones.

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1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ellen
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 23:34:30

    Very resourceful! And really cute, too. Plus, it looks like Zoe really loves it. She looks kind of like our corgi/shepherd.


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