Every Year I Forget . . .

. . . how much work I have to do when everyone goes back to school from Xmas break. 

After days of being sidetracked from sewing, blogging, and housekeeping, I am left with:

The early mornings

The Laundry

The Clutter

If you think this looks bad ya' oughta' see the living room.

All of Christmas to Pack Up.

I have always thought putting up the holiday stuff was a cathartic cleansing chore, but given the amount, this year a chore it will still be.

“Fraid I won’t be posting today as planned. I keep looking at my cape with the “flippant” collar draped on my dress form, and then I sigh and tunnel back into the house.  I can’t begin to think if this house isn’t at least surface-cleaned.

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year.  I know I am looking forward to all that 2011 has to offer.

Next Post: Thursday, January 6, 2010: The post I was to do today.  Here’s hoping that the impertinent collar will have been put in its place over the next few days.


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