Stash Bash Update:I Forget What Week

The computer was in the shop for most of the week and just got it back.   I want to thank all of you for checking back in with my blog and posting supportive comments to soothe my viral-induced ranting. 

Yes, I was a wee bit crispy

But now I have taken a few calming deep breaths, paid the kind gentleman at the repair shop $213.00 smackeroos, and am once again able to happily participate in the worldwide web.  (Which it turns out I am much more addicted to than I thought – no FeedDemon, no blogs, no surfing for fun stuff, no email – I had the doldrums all week.)

I’ve always thought activity fends off the blues, so I did a lot sewing, including some of the stuff I normally push aside because it seems dreary, like mending.  But this week mending suited my mood, so here is what I got done.

My husband has taken the digital camera to work, so no pics I’m afraid 😦

Which is too bad because I have been busy.  Here is my list. 

  1. Hemmed 3 pair of jeans.
  2. Put binding on pencil roll.
  3. Hemmed a pair of DD pants.
  4. Hemmed and sewed buttons on one of the V7700 shirts.
  5. Mended a sleeve hem.
  6. Mended black linen tank that lost a battle with the washer turnstyle.
  7. Sewed fleece scarf and hat for husband.
  8. Used leftover fleece and made a hat for myself.
  9. Took an old sweater and made two skullcaps for husband, because the fleece hat didn’t look quite right.
  10. Mended underarm seam of turtleneck.
  11. Finished a practice muslin of Simplicity 2923 which has languished in the basket since this summer because I felt overwhelmed by the instructions. Turns out it looks on me like a dumpy nurses uniform from the 1950’s.  White hose and a hypodermic is all I needed to complete the effect.  More on that later. 🙂
  12. Finished a wearable muslin of a jacket pattern, Simplicity 2728, which I am pleased with.  I have only to slipstitch the lining at the sleeve hem, and add buttons.
  13. Started a practice muslin of a DK tank Vogue 1039.  Even without side seams and in ugly faded calico – It’s cute!  When I finish I will post a review.  I’m excited about this one after the disappointing dress.

  Now I can actually see a tiny sliver of the bottom of the sewing basket!!

I kept thinking that I wasn’t making any progress at all and now I think I just might be rid of the sewing basket blocking the closet door in time for my stash bash end date of December 17th.  Hooray!!

Next Post:If my camera comes back I will post some pics of this weeks stash bash.  If not I will  post on Tuesday, December 7, 2010  a  pattern review of the dress, tank or jacket, I can’t decide which.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ellen
    Dec 03, 2010 @ 17:41:53

    Wow, sound like you accomplished a lot! I can only imagine how much I could do if I would just step. away. from. the. computer! lol!


  2. Marie-Noëlle
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 05:18:56

    Congratulations for being so productive. Keep up the good work.


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