Computer down with a Virus

I am taking an involuntary blogging break for the next few days as my entire computer system has been infiltrated by a virus.

Because I am so mad, let me FYI all of you on this one.

It is called “Internet Security Suite” and it first appears as a pop-up offering to relieve you of viruses it claims to have found on your computer.  My husband first encountered it and hit the”yes” button bringing him to a page that offered only three different levels of service, the first starting at 49.95 a year.  There was no additional information like a home page.  Just that payment screen.

When you close out of it you will find an icon on your desktop.  Every few minutes the pop-up will reappear until you cannot access any of your programs.  It will not let you download any anti-viral software to your computer, and at one moment it looked like someone had remote control to my computer as the pointer was moving across the screen without my moving the mouse.  That is when I shut down the computer and pulled the internet connection line at the phone.

This is a rogue spyware program that functions like a virus to basically extort money from you for the privilege of using your own system.  It will not show up in your add/remove program page so you can uninstall, and though I sent it to the Recycle bin, and performed a second delete there – it would not go away. 

Beware of any pop-up telling you that it has scanned your system and found several viruses which it will remove for you.  The logos used were very similar to AVG at first, that is why my husband clicked on it.  As time progressed and we kept avoiding payment, the logo changed to one very like what is on the Norton Anti-Virus software package.  The creators have been very deliberate and sneaky in their attempt to steal money from you by using the visual images of companies you trust. 

This is a con and a scam.  And I do hope someone somewhere does some jail time for destroying personal property and operating a scam. (Probably won’t happen I know, but I can hope.)

Hoping to be back up and running for Friday’s Stash Bash Update.

Until then – Best Wishes! (And give a think about when you last updated your anti-virus software : (

Sewista Fashionista


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tanit-Isis
    Nov 30, 2010 @ 20:43:31

    Eugh. Viruses suck. Hope your computer is better soon!


  2. Steph
    Dec 01, 2010 @ 03:28:01

    I can almost hear the gritted teeth. Hope your computer gets well soon!


  3. Marie-Noëlle
    Dec 01, 2010 @ 05:04:43

    Thanks for the warning. It might have happened to me too.


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