Butterick 5772: Attaching the band to the beret.

Butterick 5772:Children's Winter Hats

This pattern provides several different hat styles and most are self-explanatory but the beret does have a few quirks. 


First: the undercap.

Butterick 5772: The undercap of the beret must have a hole for the head cut out. I found it helpful to fold the cap in half.

Fold the undercap portion in half to cut your inside circle.

Second: the band.

Knowing from previous options that the bands sometimes did not fit well I was leary that the band would not correctly fit into the undercap circle of the beret.  This is how I made sure the band matched the beret circumference.

I marked the back and front center with a pin.


I began sewing the band about two inches from the center back and sewed around until I was nearly 2 inches away from the center back.

The next step I will explain and draw in paint the best I can, though I realize that the illustrations make much more sense if you have the actual pattern pieces in front of you. 

I layed the loose ends of the bands down and cut a small notch into them at what would be the bands center back seam.

Then I sewed the band center back seam.

The band fit the circle perfectly since it was custom fit.

It took just a few extra moments and I didn’t have to worry about a mismatch that wouldn’t “ease” into the undercap. Of all the options offered the beret is middling in difficulty and time, but my daughter’s pleasure with it made it worth a few extra moments.

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