McCall’s 5772 Child’s Polarfleece Hats: Pattern Review

McCall’s 5772 Child’s Polarfleece Hats

McCall's 5772 Winter Hats for Children

My daughter requested the beret on this pattern front as she browsed a kid’s pattern catalog at the fabric store.  The Halloween frog costume provided extra fleece as I had to buy at least a ¼ yard cut but barely used any in making the small froggy spots. I am currently on a fabric stash bash and don’t want any spare material around gathering dust.  So I decided to not even try to find a place to store the leftover fleece, but immediately sought a way to use it up.  I remembered this pattern and thought this would be a good time to make wearable muslins of each style.  I have made all of the styles except I ran out of material and couldn’t cut a visor for options E and F.

None of the hats pictured have decorations as this will take much considering and reconsidering on my daughter’s part as she rummages through my buttons and trim.  Should keep her occupied a good 30-45 minutes.  🙂

McCall's 5772 Option C with mittens: I have to make and add yarn pom poms.


  • Finally a use for remnant fleece.
  • Lots of potential for cute little girl decorations.
  • All of the hats include a lining pattern.
  • If you don’t have enough material or want an extra quick project, you can ditch the lining.
  • Fleece does not require a seam finish.

McCall's Option B: My favorite because it is the easiest.


  • The bands are often too small for their caps.  Cut extra length just in case.
  • The pattern instructions tell you to sew in the round attaching band to cap as you do a set-in sleeve.  I think manufacturers must sew these hats flat and wish the patternmaker had gone that route.  
  • I cut a large for my size five daughter and found the heads to be a bit peaky.  You can cut some excess off the bottom band or bottom edge of the cap if that is a problem for you.
  • I took about three inches off the circumference of option E/F which made for differently sized triangular portions.  I thought three inches was a lot to remove for my daughter’s average size head.

Some Assembly Required:

I followed the pattern instructions overall except I did not sew up the last seam of the cap.  Instead I left that seam open, attached the bands, and then sewed both band and cap at back center seam.


Leftover polarfleece.

McCall's 5772 Option E/F and scarf: I had to remove three inches of circumference which made the back triangles a different size than the rest. Thankfully this is only a wearable muslin and my daugther will probably lose it as quickly as I made it.


I am going to cut extra length in the bands next time.  Possibly I will cut some depth off the bottom of the cap also. 

Will I Sew it Again:

As my daughter loses hats often I think I will be making many renditions.

Advice to Others:

 You must sew every seam at 5/8 inch.  Then grade the seam edge back.  If you don’t sew at the 5/8th that the pattern

McCall's 5772 Option A: The beret my daughter wanted. She choose the pink fleece. I will go over how to match the band to the undercap on Saturday's post.

was created for you will get a different circumference than intended.

Most of the options are self-explanatory but the beret does have a few quirks. I will go over sewing the beret in Saturday’s post.

Overall Style Grade:  A, this is a cute classic style for small children.   Results Grade: A, easy for beginners and a nice break in between tougher projects for long-time sewers.

Next Post: Friday, November 5, 2010: Week Eight of my Stash Bash.   Then Saturday, November 6, 2010:Fitting a Beret Band Perfectly to the Undercap.


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  1. Sister
    Nov 10, 2010 @ 22:14:32

    Those are great – I may get my 8-yr-old interested in those if he gets over his pillow fascination (he made one in a Christmas fabric and a smaller “travel pillow” out of leftover brown fur). I also loved the green Halloween frog! Glad your machine made it past the zipper stop – that’s how I broke mine with the jeans – hit the stop and the machine seized up then skipped stitches till I took her to the shop for a week.


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