Week Seven:2010 Stash Bash Update

Because of the frog costume I have green thread in the machine.

So I did a quick mend.

As I am still plugging away sewing a polarfleece frog, this is my only other sewing for the week - a quick mend to the back elastic on one of my daughter's favorite skirts.

Very unlike me.  My mending pile is guilt-inducing.  I hate to mend.

The costume – I still have to elasticize cuffs and sew on snaps.  I want to show you a pic with my daughter wearing it.  She has been wearing it half-done around the house and is very cute.  By Tuesday I should have a picture of the little froggie gathering the goodies on trick-or-treat night.

Happy Halloween!

Next Post: Tuesday, November 2, 2010: Costume Pictures from Halloween



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