It’s Costume Week and a Quick Tip in Getting Help Cutting Patterns

Once again the annual making of the Halloween costume.  My daughter wants to be a Littlest Pet Shop Frog.  I am using Butterick 3238 with some alterations.  I will show you the costume when complete.

Butterick 3238 Halloween Costume


The thing is – these costume patterns have a gazillion parts. And it isn’t exactly the kind of sewing I so anticipate that I am willing to make my peace with laborious pattern cutting.

So this year I decided to enlist some help.  Though only five years old, my daughter has very good fine-motor skills.  My mother-in-law sometimes hands me back one of DD crafts and says, “Why she cut that better than I would have!”

Having grown up on a farm I have taken on that old-time country mindset.  Farm families do not only celebrate the skills of their members, they also consider how that persons skills can benefit the whole family.   Then they put you to work!

It was time for DD to help in cutting out her Halloween costume pattern.  But it was multi-size and I did not think that she could follow the sizing accurately.

Thence I have a tip for you.  I marked the size lines with highlighter before handing the piece over to her for cutting.

Highlight the pattern on the size lines you want. That way another person can help cut out the tissue pattern even if you want to vary your size grading for fit.

She has her own very short bladed sewing shears that she is allowed to use under my supervision.  And the best thing of all, what I typically find to be a bit of a chore, she found to be a delightful exercise in some “big girl” activities.

Here she is cutting.

Little hands are so cute.

So next time when you are sewing something at a family member’s request you might want to consider enlisting them in cutting the pattern.  All it takes is a few moments on your part and a highlighter!

Next P0st: Thursday, October 28, 2010: I Hope to Have the Costume Done and Ready for Showing


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