Leggings from Kwik Sew Swim and Action Wear by Kerstin Martensson

Leggings from Kwik Sew Swim and Action Wear

Even as I bought the McCall’s 6173 Leggings pattern I had an idea that I already owned something like it.  I knew I had a book of exercise clothing master patterns and after a little rooting through the pattern file boxes it turned up: Kwik Sew Swim and Action Wear by Kerstin Martensson.  Just as I thought a pair of leggings was included.  Since Kwik Sew specializes in creating patterns for knits I decided to make a practice muslin as contrast to a McCall’s 6173 which I reviewed on a previous post.


  • Leggings have one pattern piece.
  • Easy to sew.
  • Kwik Sew for years has provided knit patterns of all kinds; therefore you can expect a certain quality and consistency.
  • Hips, crotch and waist are well-fitting on the first try.

Kwik Sew Leggings Practice Muslin:The knees are baggy when sewn from the pattern.


  • Though there is only one pattern piece you must use 60 inch fabric.
  • This pattern ends at mid-calf instead of at the ankles as many leggings do. 
  • You have to trace the pattern.
  • The legs are baggy on the first fitting.  If a woman’s legs filled out the original pattern then the hips portion would probably be much too small. 

Kwik Sew Leggings:To the viewer's left is my first narrowing of the legs, and to the right is my final and second narrowing of the leg inseam. I must have taken a good four inches off the leg as the inseam approached the knee.

Some Assembly Required:

As one does for pants without an outside side seam, sew up the front crotch, the back crotch, then sew the legs at the inseam.

A three step zig zag stitch. If is sometimes recommended for knits and many basic machines that do a zig zag, also have this stitch.

I used a three step zig zag stitch just to see how it wears.

I didn’t bother to serge these.  Good thing I didn’t because they too required some tweaking.


An old knit bedsheet.  The muslin turned out wearable if I use it for PJ bottoms with a long tee.


Overall I like this pattern better than the McCall’s.  When I traced it I saw that extra length is given in the back crotch – a good sign that I wouldn’t have to add several inches just to get the pants up to my waist. 

You can see the back rises up at the waistline giving some much needed extra room in the seat.

Measure from your crotch where you leg begins to steeply narrow right before your knee.  Then measure on down to where you calf begins to widen.  Use the first measurement to narrow the leggings, and then pull back out a bit at the calf measurement.  For example, my thigh gets rather narrow at nine inches below the crotch line.  I narrowed down to an XS using an slightly angled line. My calf begins to widen at 16 inches below my crotch, so as I angled the line back out a bit as I approached the sixteen inch line.

Here is an illustration of where I took my leg measurements to customize the inseam. I made the same alteration to both front and back inseam.


This is what I came up with.

Kwik Sew Leggings:Inseam alteration. This one does not look so different than my previous version of McCall's 6173.

It appears that fitting the legs is custom.  Neither pattern got a good fit here without tweaking.

Will I Sew it Again:

Yes, as soon as I am off the fabric fast I’m off to find some fashion fabric.

Advice to Others:

Leggings are currently very tight and you might want to cut the legs a size or two less than your hip size.

Overall Style Grade: A-, the minus only because the leggings do not reach the ankles.

Results Grade:A -, terrific pattern except that the legs must be custom cut.

Next Post:Tuesday, October 12, 2010:I don’t know what I am going to sew this weekend, but it won’t be leggings 😉


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  1. Edwardo Losch
    Sep 26, 2012 @ 00:47:24

    I came across your blog on google and check out a few of your early articles. Continue with the very good posts. Ill likely be by again to read more, thanks for the info!.


  2. carla
    Nov 24, 2012 @ 13:01:40

    Thanks for comparing the Kwik Sew and McCalls leggins pattern here. Helpful and I own both of them!


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