Week Four:Stash Bash Update;Leggings and an Attempted Turtleneck Refashioning

This was the week for practice muslins so nothing is very pretty, though I have learned a lot.

Leggings and an attempt to Refashion a Turtleneck

McCalls 6173:The First Practice Muslin for Leggings

McCall's 6173:The Second Practice Muslin for Leggings. I look like one of Santa's elves.

The bummer is after making these two visual horrors as practice I don’t have any fashion material for real leggings.  And I am on a fabric fast. 

Hmm. . . Well, we’ll see how that goes.

Leggings for my daughter. I drafted this pattern myself from one of her regular pants patterns. I am continuing to refine it, but this version looks like I can get good knit PJ bottoms of it.

My daughter's school requires white or navy shirts. DD can tear up a white top quicker than you can say Kalamazoo. I buy at thrift. This one was there for a reason. The neckline was too tight. I attempted to make a scoop neck out of it.

A bit rumpled but it looks well enough. But it wasn't right. The first neckline had a hole put into it by the twin needles pushing the material down into the feed dog. So I had to cut the back neck deeper which has made the entire neckline too large for my daughter. Oh well, live and learn. It wasn't like any other little kid was going to get any wear out of this thing because that original turtleneck was pretty stiff and tiny.

Next Post: Saturday, October 9, 2010:Leggings Pattern from Kwik-Sew Swim and Action Wear




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