Deconstruction in the Works

No constructive sewing happened this weekend.


But deconstruction is in the works!

I got this vintage wedding dress on an “as-is” sale for $3.00 at my local thrift store.  It was hanging in the Halloween costumes.   

Now before you bewail “What a waste! How can you tear apart a vintage wedding gown?” know that there are several gashes and cigarette stains throughout the garment that aren’t apparent in the photo.  Had it been intact the thrift store would have sold it for a whole lot more than three bucks.  By detaching the usable lace I am potentially giving it a better end than it might have as a wearable at a rowdy Halloween bash.

The five inch deep lace looks like it will work well on lingerie and the smaller lace with the intertwined ribbon should be enough to trim one of my daughter’s dresses.

 I’m looking forward to cozying down on the couch during crisp fall evenings and ripping-out while I watch a show.  

Next Post: Thursday, October 7, 2010: I am going to make some leggings for my daughter.


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