Good Advice:Garment Labels, Sewing for Clients, Subscription Patterns and Pinning

Fall is my favorite season and with my daughter entering kindergarten and my husband teaching, September is when our family gets back into the  groove.  Since schooldays are about learning new things,  I thought I would end the month with some great tips harvested from other home-sewing bloggers. 

DIY Labels

I want to label my home-sewn creations but have always been too lazy, too cheap or too strapped to mass order from those few companies that offer tags to home-sewers.  And, if you, like me, find their cookie cutter designs hokey then check out  Kristy of Sydney, Australia who offers a great DIY version for making garment labels at her blog  lower your presser foot.  I just bought a new printer and can’t wait to gather my supplies and tinker with different fonts and designs to make my own personalized tags.

Where to Buy Individual Burda or Ottobre Magazines

Longtime sewing enthusiast Gwen from All My Seams passes along some websites where you can buy single copies of Burda or Ottobre Woman magazine.  Additionally she offers the site where you can view the patterns from the Ottobre magazine to help you decide if you want to purchase.  I can’t get either of these sewing magazines at a local store but I am trepidatious about investing such a large of amount of money in their pricey subscriptions.  I love sewing and I love frugality and here they are in combination.  Thanks Gwen!

Sewing for Clients: Too Scared to Even Think About It?

 A lot of of us want to branch out  and earn a little extra income by sewing for others, but we hold back due to worries about pricing, managing time and the biggest worry for a lot of us, potential of hurt feelings if things don’t work out. TenThousandSewingHours blog-owner Victoria from Savannah, another self-confessed frugalista and a smashing home-sewer, offers terrific advice on how to think about your business process before you take on your first client.  So get out your notebooks and sketch out where you can apply Victoria’s methods as she goes into detail about her own client sewing.  Process, practicalities and client management: she talks about it all!

Pinning into the Cutting Board

Sometimes a small tip becomes one we use time and time again.   Every time I use this one, which has become nearly every time I cut out a pattern, I have to thank Dr. FunLoving, a wife, mom and doctor in Alabama and creator of the blog Living la vida loca, who sent this one to me in a comment.   In an earlier post I was amazed that the gridlines might have an actual use, other than just filling up what would be a tremendous amount of white space.   The doc pushed my tip up a notch by adding that not only can you use the lines to orient your cutting, you can actually pin into the board!  As I am self-taught, I have missed out on some of those pieces of small wisdom that turn out to be such a huge help. Great tip Sister!

As you can see, a lot has been learned this September.  I encourage you to check out these bloggers as this is just a smattering of all the great advice out there!

Next Post: Friday, October 1, 2010: Week 3 of the Stash Bash – How Far Have I Gotten?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristy
    Oct 01, 2010 @ 07:37:51

    thanks for the shout out. I’m off to read more about this pinning fabric to the cutting mat, I’ve never used mine in this manner either!


  2. Sister
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 10:54:24

    Oh, I ‘m going to check out those labels – my sister gave me some years ago and I’m almost out – thanks for all the tips!


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