Butterick 6659 Girls Nightgown:Pattern Review

Butterick 6659 Girls Nightgown

Butterick 6659

Girls Nightgown

 Option D


Only a few pattern pieces.  If you were to purchase ruffled trim you might even eliminate the bottom ruffle.


It is too wide at the shoulder and neckline.  In order for my daughter to be comfortable I had to narrow it at center and back fold.  But then arose the problem of her being able to pull it over her head.  I added a small placket at the front neckline.  The pattern does not include a placket, so if you must narrow the shoulder width, you will have to choose and create your own placket independent of any pattern instructions.

Butterick 6659 Girls Nightgown Front View: I took five pictures and they all were blurry. This is the best of the lot.

Some Assembly Required:

  1. I sewed my front wholly including placket and bottom ruffle. 
  2. Then the back ruffle added to the back bodice.
  3. Attach front and back at shoulder seams.
  4. Handle the neckline with a facing, binding, etc, whatever way you prefer.
  5. If you are using sleeves apply now.  I would finish sleeve hem and then sew at shoulder. I skipped sleeves on this nightgown.
  6. Sew side seams starting at bottom matching seamlines at ruffle.
  7. Trim any mismatch at armscye and then finish armscye.
  8. Trim and/or hem bottom ruffle.


I have been promising my daughter I would make her something out of this as she picked it out of the clearance area.  It is a quilting cotton.


If it were sewn in a knit then you could forget about the placket.

Will I Sew it Again:

I might sew some of the other variations on the pattern envelope and see how they turn out.  My daughter is interested in the little baby doll pajamas.

Advice to Others:

Remember any lace trim must be soft not scratchy as it will be against the child’s skin all night.

Overall Style Grade:  B, as there are no design details and it can be a bit plain unless you jazz it up yourself.

Results Grade: A, it is the easiest of the patterns in this envelope.

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Echo
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 18:54:19

    Hiya – it looks very cute. I’m guessing your kiddo likes it?

    I am interested in your note about making it up in a knit to remove the neckline fit / placket issue. Would you cut a different size using a knit fabric and just add length, plus take in the front and back on the fold? Assuming you were to use a soft but not tooooo stretchy knit that is.


    • Sewista Fashionista
      Sep 26, 2010 @ 21:24:29

      Hi! It was good to hear from you.
      My daughter is 5 1/2 years old and has just made it into a size five RTW. The size five gown I made looks more like a size six. If I were to use a knit, and I wasn’t going to add any non-stretchy trim like stiff lace or ribbon to the neckline – I would cut a size four to fit my size five daughter. To be certain I would take buy 1/4 yard more so I could make a mock-up of just the neckline, that is the front and back with just a few inches of bodice off the neckline. Then I’d give it a go over the head. Small children seem individual here also, as RTW is sometimes a tight fit over the head for my daughter, but not for others.
      So you are right, if I used a knit I would cut a small size – but if I cut that smaller size I would double check with a mock-up before I took out any additional at the front and back fold. I hope I have answered your question 🙂


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