Layabout Day

I did something today that I never do.

I laid in bed all day.


I haven’t done this in about six years.  Oh, I’ve been sick.  And I have sat around, even reclined in bed.  But I had only snatches of rest between breakfast, lunch and supper preparation,  along with sundry snacks, setting up the DVD player, cleaning up messes, taking out the dog, investigating when my daughter was “too quiet”, investigating when the puppy was “too quiet”, etc.

This morning my husband said, “Just put her on the bus, come home and go back to bed.”

In the past mommy guilt kept me from doing this.  It seemed so wasteful.  Couldn’t I be doing at least the light stuff?

Well, today for some reason I took his advice.   

It turns out that when you are feeling poorly there is nothing like sleeping the day away.  The cat and I have spent hours sawing logs.  My time today has been utterly wasted.

I really do feel a lot better.

 The only work I have done today is writing this post.  And that is admittedly slapdash.   I have no new projects to discuss with you. I am still working on finishing the camis I cut out and I thought I would show you photos of the most recent.  

Full Front View

Kwik Sew Pattern:Silk Cami:Front View


Kwik Sew Silk Cami:Neckline:the entire piece was constructed of scraps. I bound the front with a leftover length of satin binding. I serged the inside edge of the lace and then applied it to neckline mitering where needed. The shoulder bands have another leftover length of cream grosgrain attached for strength.


The lace I used was an older piece of stretch lace acquired from a thrift store grab bag. It appeared that the original owner had purloined the lace from another garment because the entire top looked as if the seam ripper had torn it up during dismantling. I cut away the torn portion and serged what was left. Then I applied straight to the hemline figuring that no one was going to see this part of the garment anyway. You can see where the lace was seamed originally and it shows up in front. Also I used the side seam as my beginning and end points and the lace juts out here. Because the hemline is curved I should have made a small miter in the lace seam.

I had a small bit of China silk and the lace is from a grabbag of sewing notions picked up at the thrift store.  It came out nicely enough.  Wearable for certain and it even has a vintage look so the eye can overlook the age of the lace. But there is one thing.  It does not fit. 

 Kwik Sew sometimes uses the same pattern piece for both woven and knits.  I find that it never works out.  After sewing I thought the armscye looked too small and the cami is much to tight at the bustline to be wearable.  Next time I make a cami from a woven I will make sure to allow 2-3  extra inches fitting ease.  As it stands there is nothing I can alter to make this cami fit so one of my slimmer girlfriends is going to get lucky!

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karin van D.
    Sep 23, 2010 @ 06:52:16

    If you feel better after a day full of sleep, I’d say those hours weren’t wasted at all! The cami looks lovely, a shame it doesn’t fit.


    • Sewista Fashionista
      Sep 23, 2010 @ 08:13:25

      Thank you! I do feel better. I was amazed that a little rest could provide such a big payback in feeling better.


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