2010 Ohio State Fair Style Revue

2010 Ohio State Fair: The Food Highway

There aren’t many sewing events in the world.  That is why I try to time my visit to the state fair with the fashion sewing competitions, at my fair called a Style Revue.  The Style Revue is a competition where live models walk a runway displaying homesewn garments for judging.   Ohio is my home state and the runway show has both children’s and adult categories.  It isn’t a large show as there are only a few contestants; however these ladies know how to throw down when it comes to sewing.

Sunny Hickey walks the runway wearing a fur vest in the outerwear segment of the contest. 2010 Ohio State Fair Style Revue.

Seeing that fur vests were fashionable again, the seamstress pictured above pulled out some remnant fabric left over from a coat she had sewn in the seventies.  But the remnant didn’t provide enough fabric for her vest.  Undaunted she pulled out the original project and stripped it for parts!  Not only do we seamstresses never throw any fabric away, we never throw our old projects away either, because you never know when you might need them.

Karen Haldeman, Patti Hassler, Sunny Hickey and Judy Sandman await the ribbon presentation at the 2010 Ohio State Fair Style Revue.

As you can see, the garments are lovely and I am always inspired when I see other home-sewers who have honed their

Patti Hassler shows off her coat during the outerwear segment of the 2010 Ohio State Fair Style Revue.

skills to such a high level.  Unfortunately, as sewing has gone by the wayside in the world, even places like state and local fairs, which largely represent farming communities where sewing held on longest as a valued traditional skill, have seen decreased participation in all levels of needlework and crafting competitions. 

If you are a sewer or crafter I want to encourage you to visit and participate in either your county or state fair.   If you are too timid to walk the runway you can enter a project for display. 

Display case for competition fashion sewing in the Creative Arts Building 2010 Ohio State Fair.


There is usually an entry fee that covers the entry of several items, so it makes sense to enter more than one item.

Categories are listed in a document called a Premium Guide.  The Premium Guide is essential information for entering a fair competition.  However, most fairs no longer print off a gazillion copies for participants.  In order to find your categories and deadlines you will need to go online and print one off for yourself.  Do this in the spring.

State Fairs have early summer deadlines for entries.  The Ohio State Fair’s deadline is mid-June.  That means you have to have a good idea what you want to enter long before the deadline.  And it must be completed by the drop-off day, which can be pretty far ahead of the fair’s opening day.

There isn’t any manual to walk you through the process step-by-step so expect your first year to be a learning experience.

Tips for visiting your State Fair

Go online and determine price of admission and the real kicker, the cost of all day ride passes.  The fair is fun, but not cheap.

See if the fair has posted their events online.  It may take some looking for the fashion sewing competition.

Remember cash is king at these venues.  Hit your own bank’s ATM so you don’t need to hunt down a machine on the grounds or pay fees.

Only at food at the fair is so fanciful. Whoever thought to rename shepherds pie as a roast beef sundae? 2010 Ohio State Fair.

Take a gander at the fairgrounds map if it too is posted online.  Some fairs are so large that it pays to orient yourself before entering.  For example, the first year we parked in the lot farthest from the Creative Arts Building and had to book it to get there on time for the competition.  Don’t underestimate how large a state fairgrounds might be.  It will take more time than you think to walk across.

Just enjoy yourself.  There really is something for everyone. My family and I always love going.

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5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ellen
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 17:08:54

    Very interesting about the fashion show. My mother is a quilter and every year enters something in the Texas state fair. Last year she won first place for a quilted backpack. I’ve also won ribbons for children’s smocked outfits.

    I always enjoy going, but haven’t been to a state fair in years. But the roast beef sundae? Give me a corn dog anyday!


    • Sewista Fashionista
      Aug 15, 2010 @ 17:22:15

      My daughter said the corn dogs were smashing. But I loved the roast beef sundae! It was so filling that my mother and I shared it. That kept us sated until we “had” to buy and share a huge apple dumpling with ice cream topping. ; )


  2. Laurie
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 11:25:36

    Thanks for posting the pictures of the Style Review. I can’t believe how great Sunny looks in her outfit. I knew her about 30 years ago when we both sold Leiter’s Designer Fabrics in Ohio. I needed a sewing inspiration this morning! It’s been a long time since I thought about entering something in a fair revue. Maybe next year :)…..


  3. Becky
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 22:12:00

    Thank you for posting these pictures. Sunny was a dear friend of my mother’s. She credits my mom for getting her into sewing her own clothes. My mom was always amazed at what Sunny could create.

    I didn’t sew much when I was still in school, but now I sew often for myself, gifts and my 5 daughters. Actually my oldest started sewing for herself 2 years ago when she was 11 out of self defense; she is 5’10”.

    At our county fair in mid-Michigan 2 of my my daughters and I were responsible for more that 25% of the clothing entries. While we enjoy the blue ribbons, it would be nice to have more competition. I agree it would be nice to see a better turn out in the areas of needle work and home arts.


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