Plus Size Peeves – Too Large Necklines


One of the reasons I sew –


Plus Size Necklines Do Not Fit Me!



They always come down too low and my brassiere shows.  I usually have to shrug them up on my shoulders and just hope they stay put. 

In order to fit my waist I have to buy women’s sizes but I am peeved by how poorly the shoulder and necklines fit.  It is as if the manufacturer imagines that I have somehow gained in height as I gained in weight.   Though I am of average height the shoulder seams of most tops could be raised 2 inches for the necklines to fit well.  I find this in sewing patterns also, but those I can easily alter.

See how much material I can pull in at the shoulders.  I could reduce about 1 ½  inches off both front and back shoulder line. 

Now I know some of you ladies will look at this and think,

If your tatas were bigger this wouldn’t be a problem.”

 I have gritted my teeth through this comment several times.  But after looking at myself in the white tee I had an idea on how to test this hypothesis.


These are from my bellydancing days.  Aren’t they a hoot?

I was much thinner in my twenties.  Additionally the gravitational pull is increased on the boobage when you are wearing a ten pound coin bra.  Dancers with average and smaller cup sizes stuff the bra as tightly as possible so both the straps and band adhere almost cuttingly close to the body. That way no “costume malfunctions.”  I haven’t had these little contraptions out for years.  I thought nursing and weight gain had taken care any bra slackage I once experienced. 

But I might be wrong.  I put them in and voila’.   It smoothed that neckline problem right out.  I had forgotten that when you stretch a knit crosswise that it shortens lengthwise. 

Who Knew?!

All of those bustier ladies were right.  So any plus size ladies like myself, who despite waist-gain have retained an average A, B or C cup size – you might want to consider a little artificial boobage if you find that your blouses are not fitting.

A side note – I didn’t keep these in long today.  They itched.  When I performed I think I was too revved up to care as the adrenaline gets rolling before you go on.  But I couldn’t imagine wearing them to church. Sitting through a sermon with those suckers in would have been a living hell.

So sewing ladies, if you want to use the silicone enhancers, little pockets or bags will make them much more comfortable.  See, now you have an excuse for some saucy sewing time!

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  1. Connie K.
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 14:33:44

    I also started sewing again because so many of the “store-bought” clothes have rediculously low necklines. If you haven’t tried Conni Crawford patterns, she designs for the more mature body…or as she puts it “after the perky body has gone”…with narrower shoulders and fuller waistlines.


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