Full of Beans and Mindless Sewing

We’re full of beans at my house.


The beans are in and I am busy picking,


and canning. 

Canning requires attention.  I have been sewing but nothing serious, just what I call mindless sewing.   I am sewing scraps as the pile accruing behind my machine is offending me and I haven’t the heart to throw away useless bits of fabric and be done with it.

I got the first quilt top done from my 4th of July Stash Bash.  I thought I had a pic but it turned out I didn’t when I went into Photoshop.

Now I am working up the rest of my practice muslin scraps with some scraps from dresses, (as yet unsewn,) that I have cut for my daughter.

This is a free and easy kind of thing. My method is to find two scraps that are about the same length and sew them together.  I keep grabbing like length pieces and assembly line stitch. 

Then pull all of them from the machine, separate sections and iron flat. 

Next I tidy up the edges.

Sort them into piles of small, medium and long sections.

Then I begin again using the same method, putting together the small blocks that are similar until they become medium blocks. 

Then I start working the medium sections until they only require some of the long sections to make them large enough to square up.

Now I have 12 funky looking squares waiting for me to purchase the correct quilting ruler so I can square them up.

So tomorrow I’m off to Jo’s with my coupon!

Next Post: Tuesday, July 20, 2010; The next stage of the scrap quilt.


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