Sewing Snit:Crushed Snaps

Where have all the jean snaps gone?

I made my daughter a little cord skirt like my brown one.  I decided on snaps for both of us, but mainly for her as she can handle a snap easily.  I went looking for those jeans snaps that I used to find at Jo’s or Hancocks but I couldn’t find any super heavy-duty snaps. So I went with their heaviest snap which I was familiar with and had success with before.


The inside working portions kept crushing! 

I used the correct implement and half of the snaps did not work.  They look fine but the female and male parts do not lock together.  I can’t find any reason for this.  It is like the couple you thought to be happy for years who suddenly announce a split and each party moves 3000 miles away from the other.  Why the sudden incompatibility?

Here is a photo of the snap insides where you can see they look fine.

Male portion of heavy duty snap.

Female portion of heavy duty snap.

What happened? 

Has snap quality deteriorated when I wasn’t looking?  Or was this too little snap for such a thick fabric? Have others a similar experience?  And where do you find your snaps since selection at merchants has winnowed over the years? 


Now I have to oh-so-carefully pull this old snap from the skirt and reinsert a new one.  Aargh!  That activity vaguely resembles mending, and my mending pile being what it is, my daughter will be in junior high before the skirt is wearable. 

On a side note – my summer cold has worsened into a terrible ear infection.  The doctor has prescribed meds but they make me drowsy and absentminded.  I thought today was Wednesday and so I am behind on getting this Thursday post out.   Given my fatigue and my sad mental state I am begging off my usual Saturday post and will return next week on Tuesday, July 13th.


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