Fourth of July Stash Bash and Bust

On long holiday weekends I like to put aside my normal sewing and attack my scrap bin.  I am too frugal to throw away usable fabric, yet finding a use for all of those bits can be hard. 

This Fourth of July I got:

A gazillion ties for staking tomatoes,

24 muslin bags I use in home-canning,

1 jelly bag for juicing grapes,

The beginning of a crazy scrap quilt.

The sewing isn’t as exacting as my normal fashion sewing which gives me a mental break and I feel good finding a use for something I would otherwise throw away.   I had hoped to finish the quilt top but I got laid up with a summer cold which impeded progress.  But this evening, at the end of the holiday I am pleased with my progress and with my newly thinned and organized scrap bin.

Next Post: Thursday, July 8, 2010:Sewing Snit: Crushed Snaps – They Never Used to Do This!


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  1. Sister
    Jul 13, 2010 @ 23:34:01

    Oh, how clever you are! I have a garbage bag full of scraps from as long as 20 years ago – my boys like to pick through it and they make flags or other stuff with them. And my 7-year-old currently wants a sewing machine of his own to make some pajamas!


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