The Second Rendition of Simplicity 2929: What to do with a Wadder?

I started out with Simplicity 2929 sewing it in a lightweight denim. 


During my fitting my husband said I looked like Moses coming down from the mountain. 

Though he was deserving of every ounce of the withering glare he received,  he was right.  This pattern in this fabric overwhelmed me.  The neckline interfacing was irritating as I mentioned in an earlier post, and I had to concede that this design is not for me.

What was I to do with the thing?


I hung it on the dress form a few days.   

The skirt was a simple A-line.  I decided to cut a yoke from the remmants and used  Butterick 5041.   The top I cannibalized for children’s clothes which I will review later. 

It would have killed me to through away the entire dress.  Now I have a passable lightweight denim skirt for summer. It pays to wait a few days before you wad.  

Next Post: Saturday, June 26, 2010; Butterick 5219 Scoop Yoked Tunic: Pattern Review


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