Kwik Sew 3242 Hanky Hem Skirt: A Variation – Eliminating the yoke

Kwik Sew 3242

In a previous post I reviewed Kwik Sew 3242 Hankerchief Skirt.  Though blissfully easy to construct I found the yoke to be unflattering.  Wanting to preserve the hemline but gloss over the yoke situation I combined the yoke with the skirt body, making a larger skirt pattern meant to be gathered with elastic, but retaining the asymmetrical hemline.

That sounds like a lot doesn’t it?

Explaining does require a lot of verbage, but the alteration itself is not difficult.  This is a great pattern that is accessible to the beginner and also a quick basic skirt for the experienced seamstress that offers  her a lot of opportunity to be creative in her embellishments and fabric choice.

Here is what the original pattern pieces looked like:

The changes I made to the original are:

  1. I slashed and spread the skirt body, 
  2. Added some height at the top, and
  3. Added an inch or so at the side seams.

Here is what that alteration looked like. 

Kwik Sew 3242 Pattern Alteration to Eliminate Yoke

The practice muslin came out well, much more flattering than the original.  Once again I used an old sheet for my fabric.

Kwik Sew 3242 Eliminated Yoke Practice Muslin

It turned out to be more flattering than the yoked skirt and quicker to sew since the step of adding the yoke to the skirt body has been eliminated.

My Other Alteration: Using Elastic Instead of a Casing for the Waistband

The original pattern had one make a casing for the elastic.  My smooshy middle requires a crisper wasitband so instead of making a turned under band which I felt added bulk to my prominent belly, I used the elastic as the waistband.  The elastic cinches in a bit from the fabric creating the look of a waistline more accentuated than the one I actually possess.

Here is what that looked like

Kwik Sew 3242 Practice Muslin: Using the Elastic as the Waistband

Overall I am pleased with this variation and plan to use it again as an awesome and easy quick summer skirt pattern.

Next post: Thursday, April 15, 2010; The Frump Factor: Potential Alterations to an Extended Cap Sleeve


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