Vogue 1124 Betzina Vest:Pattern Review

Vogue 1124 Sandra Betzina Vest

I see a lot of vests and jackets of lightweight knit that are longer in front than back and I wanted to check if this fashion suited me.  I thought this pattern looked simple and quick.     

Vogue 1124 Vest in Stretch Lace


  • It is quick.
  • You can probably find fabric cheap in the clearance rack as it seems they are always discounting stretchy knits.
  • There are no darts or fussy parts for the newbie sewer to struggle with.  If you can finish a seam edge you can make this vest.
  • It can be a very dramatic accessory.


  • It is a lot of fabric to handle and it caught up on the edge of my sewing cabinet and dragged if I didn’t keep close watch. 
  • You kind of squish it at the collar to make the loose folds of the neckline.  This doesn’t work for my narrow shoulders.  It feels like too much material and as if the vest will fall off my shoulders if I don’t keep adjusting it.
  • Though the garment is dramatic as you can see from the photo it is ultimately better suited to my sewing mannequin than to myself.  I sometimes have a problem with unstructured garments as they tend to accentuate my prominent belly. AfterI tried several fold arrangements the fabric continued to grab me in all the wrong spots. Additionally, the length hits my leg at a bad spot making me appear short, and I’m 5’5”!  Hardly leggy, but hardly stumpy either.  Not that I couldn’t look good in this piece, just I would have to grow taller or wear heels or lose some serious weight!

Vogue 1124 Betzina Vest Another View

Some Assembly Required:

The pattern instructions are very easy to follow.  This is actually the second one I made.  I wish I had kept the first to show you but I threw it away as unwearable.

On the first vest I skipped staystitching the armhole.  Don’t make my mistake.  Staystitch with your sewing machine instead of running straight to the serger as I did.  My serger stretched out the armhole to the point where the armscye hung below my waist grazing my hipbone and the vest was always falling off.

Though I don’t often pay much attention to pattern instructions as they are prone to making more work for me, this is one time when the instructions are worth paying attention to.


I used a stretch lace.


I don’t know if I want to make this one again.  But if I do two things:

1)      Cutting in half the front border width.


2)      Dart, seam or just pin out the extra at the back of the neck.


Will I Sew it Again:

I don’t know. If I see the perfect material, yes.

Advice to Others:

As always look for dirt cheap fabric for a practice muslin.  Just because the pattern is so simple doesn’t mean that you don’t need to make a trial run mastering the fabric and checking the length of the garment.

Overall Style Grade:  A, because even a beginning sewer can successfully execute this simple piece.

Results Grade: For me, C as it didn’t really flatter me.  But for technique and sewing ease I would say A. I guess that averages out to somewhere in the B range.

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