Something Fun: The Costume Segment of Emma

As a Jane Austen fan I watch every adaptation ever made-repeatedly.  I am currently watching Emma, the one with Romola Garai and Johnny Lee Miller.  As part of special features they have a segment on the costuming which intrigued me as a sewer. 

The actors talked a bit about how the costumes helped them become the part and more interestingly the head of that department chatted a bit about how she developed the “look” for the movie. 

She had this little board with a hodge-podge of images attached: famous works of art, pictures of fields, bits of fabric, quick sketches of her ideas, etc.  The mood evoked when you looked at the board became a touchstone for the hands-on work of making the clothes, from finding fabric in the perfect colors to fitting the actors. 

The best image of a design board I could find copyright-free, just to give you an idea.

If memory serves me well I think this is called a design board.  The costume lady’s name was Rob and her lovely boards got me to thinking.  We all want our own “look.”  Maybe we all should have our own design board.  We can grab up images we like, even if they aren’t fashion images, just things that express us, gather them in one place and then look at the tone evoked by the total overall collection. 

I have an empty bulletin board and in a lackadaisical way I am going to begin collecting things that, for no reason, really resonate with me.

What is going to be on your board?


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  1. Gwen
    Mar 21, 2010 @ 10:22:48

    Hi! You have an award waiting on my blog. Whether you care to pick it up, or not, is perfectly fine. If you choose to, just right-click on the award photo and save it to your computer. Then, add it to your sidebar, if you care to.

    The rules of the award are listed on my post.


  2. Steph
    Mar 22, 2010 @ 08:21:56

    That’s such a good idea, one I’ve been doing for years. When I see a picture in a magazine, I rip it out and paste it in my current moleskine. When I see a garment walking down the street as I sit at a cafe (in a former life) I quickly make note of the elements I enjoyed. When I see a painting, anything I make note of it, scratch it out, deconstruct it. I have such diaries that go back 10 years and its funny how little my tastes have changed, though they have matured. I’ve even found duplicate pictures. hehe.


    • Sewista Fashionista
      Mar 22, 2010 @ 08:56:12

      For years I have been trying to store these random images in my head, the absolute worst filing cabinet of all! I think having a small notebook handy in my purse is a much better way to do things. Thank you for the tip!


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